A black hole is a region of spacetime with a gravitational pull so strong, not even light can escape from it. Throughout 2020-21, we watched in helpless despair through toilet-roll telescopes as our plans for building on the interstellar (!) success of Making A Killing hovered on the edge of the COVID event horizon then disappeared down the dark, fast-flushing U-bend of time.

A new year, however, presents new possibilities. While 2021 was a year for repeatedly having to kick things into touch, 2022 is shaping up to be a good year for keeping it all in play.

The best news we could’ve hoped for coming into January was a long-awaited green light for our next film project, Bad Korma. After almost twelve months of tumbleweed, a couple of swift catch-up mails, a location scout, and a raft of speedy cast and crew confirmations set us on track for a shoot… an actual shoot! And a January shoot to boot!

COVID may still hove into view with a satchel of works-spoiling spanners, but it does at least feel like we’re learning to live, work, and write around them. Damned spanners.

Bad Korma. At last.