A Revealing Script-Tease

A good script-tease bares a little at a time…

Rich Teasers write screenplays. Long ones. Short ones. Big screeners. Goggleboxers. Stories with dialogue. Stories without. Action in the office. Horror in the forest. Fun with rugs. Casual radiator maintenance.


Teasing eyewear worn by all Rich Teasers draft scripts.

Whether it’s long format, short format, sitcom or sketch, we’re generating book-ended, character-driven scripts for a diverse range of ideas and genres. It’d be fun at this point to strip away everything and parade our wares in all their birthday-suited glory, but like the ankle-flashing ‘adult entertainers’ of bygone times, we believe a tease is more tantalising than a tell. Follow Rich Teasers and be prepared for:

*  Unpleasant-smelling antique carpets;
*  Remote cottage break-ins;
*  Garden shed gunfights;
*  Poo-filled Tupperware;
*  Kneecapping photocopiers;
*  Crap chess enthusiasts;
*  Rubbish hobbies;
*  Abortive suburban suicides;
*  Unexpected woodland dog chases;

…and a scripted raft of musky, mirthful, murderous and mystifying situations besides. Drop us a line if you’re looking to make something of a good story – we’ve plenty more to reveal.