HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. SHINE – (completeavailable)

How do you cut up a corpse at a 50th birthday bash without upsetting the VIPs? Saturday couldn’t get any worse for Mani and Donut when a simple pick-up job is derailed by an unexpected death, a psychotic curry monster, twitchy twin hit-women and a raft of unwanted curiosity.  A black comedy with white icing and brown trousers – and who put the idiot in-laws in charge of the fireworks…?

NORTH POINT – (draftedin edit)

Last of the Mohicans meets Predator – a suffocating action-horror set in the New World, circa 1758.  A party of British soldiers and American pioneers sets out to locate a missing advance-party sent out months earlier to establish a new forward post:  North Point. Tensions and rivalries threaten to tear the group apart and they find there are worse terrors lurking in the harsh wilderness than French scalp-hunters and painted savages.

MY FIRST WEEK [working title] –  (in progress)

Monday morning and new employee Tom gets the full soul-crushing tour around the office of broken dreams.  Damien in IT is serious and pathologically focused.  Josie in Marketing gets cuter as the week goes on.  Dave spends his Wednesdays in the third person and Danny is set to crash the system by Thursday.  When a global tycoon drops in on Friday to talk turkey, business is blown out the window when the windows are blown out by insiders intent on making a killing.  As the bullets fly, Tom has to lead his colleagues to freedom… with a little help from Big Maureen and a mountain of paperwork.

The Office meets Die-Hard.  A bomb-rom-com of explosions, killer photocopiers and the weekly five-a-side footie match.


SNUG AS A BUG – (complete – RELEASED 2017 – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7095436/?ref_=nm_knf_t1)

Mickey and Gav are six floors up with a corpse, a rug that’s too small and a van they haven’t got.  Worse still, they’re almost out of air freshener.  A pungent comic short about bodies, bowels and bin-bags. [10 mins; 4 characters; interior & exterior locations]

[Note: SNUG AS A BUG is based on a key episode from our feature-length script HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. SHINE]

BAD KORMA(complete – FILMING, 2021)

Small-time gangsters Curly and Su are called out to the boss’s country manor unexpectedly. Su’s brought his prayer beads. Curly’s brought his gun… which is probably for the best as the boss is an unpredictable psycho, there’s a pal tied to a chair in the garden, and there’s a curry for lunch that’ll burn through sheet steel. A comic tale of backyard beatings, flat cats, and minty yoghurt. [12 mins; 4 characters; interior & exterior locations]


Josh, a self-absorbed workaholic finds himself off-schedule when his train arrives at an unknown destination. The station is empty, his phone doesn’t work and the backpacker he gets stuck with isn’t in the mood to talk.  A nearby house offers Josh the chance to get back on his corporate course, but which is the more important meeting? A parable about connections, the right targets and the wrong shoes for a muddy field. [10 mins; 3 characters; interior & exterior locations]

SAVING RAY – (draftedin edit)

Two cancer patients, one old, one young, connect through a shared name but not much else.  Old Ray shows his younger namesake that a sterile hospital ward can become a stargazer’s paradise, a fast-flowing raft-run or the majestic Mae Paeng river – if you’re ready to cheer up and gear up.  Sometimes life’s too short to go out and see it all.  [10 mins; 3 characters; hospital/clinic location]

THE ANGEL FACE – (complete, available)

A discussion of religious imagery in a church between a photographer and a priest is interspersed with suggestions of a dark and powerful artistic endeavour taking shape. Timing is everything when there’s one last frame to fill. A disturbing conceptual drama about perspectives and the nature of transcendence. [10 mins; 2 characters; exterior church location – male and female variants]

CHAIN FREE (complete, available)

Mr. Bloodworth’s desperate to sell his semi, but when you’re a creative killer with bodies to hide, there’s never really a good time for a house viewing. Such a lovely couple too – they’re just dying to make an offer… A pitch-black comedy with red-stained carpets. [10 mins; 4/5 characters; interior location]

MAKING A KILLING – (complete, FILMED, MARCH 2018; trailer at https://vimeo.com/297110516)

One cheery handyman.  One despondent homeowner.  One’s come to fix a radiator.  The other’s fixed to end it all.   Confronted with a situation that isn’t so easy to patch up, the handyman can’t quite keep her mind off the job.  [5 mins; 2 characters; interior location]


Helen’s nervous about her driving test – not least because the car won’t start and her time-pressured instructor, Janet, is taking ‘winging it’ to a whole new level of absurdity. Getting her licence should be a breeze, however, if Helen can just avoid the imaginary cows and keep her humming below the speed limit… [5 mins; 2 female characters; stationary vehicle]

HOME FOR THE BEWILDERED – (completeavailable)

Visiting hours at the care home and a conversation between mother and son becomes a confusing tail-chase through flower deliveries, baby clothes and a dog that died before The Beatles split.  Does anyone know what day it is…?  [5 mins; 3 characters; interior location]

TIME OF THE MONTH – (complete – FILMED, 2019/2020 – in post-production)

A diary clash forces a unique couple to argue their respective cases for a solo night out. It’s call of nature versus the kitchen calendar, fresh meat versus another TV dinner… and there’s always that leg of something in the freezer.  [3 mins; 2 characters; interior location]

THE ALLOTMENTEER – (in progress)

An awkward committee head greets a new allotment holder with a string of nervy non-sequiturs.  The hole being dug looks a bit much for simple summer runners though… [3 mins; 2 characters; exterior location]

BLOODY TOURISTS –  (complete – RELEASED MARCH 2018 – https://vimeo.com/258051925)

A couple photograph the beauty of the countryside.  A man runs through it in fear of his life.  A fleeting connection between them asks questions of the couple’s motives for being there.  [4 mins; 3 characters; exterior location]

LOOKING UP – (complete – RELEASED MAY 2018 – https://vimeo.com/267972154)

Aim for the stars, however far away they seem. It’s all about perspective.  [3 mins; 2 characters; exterior location]

BETWEEN – (complete – RELEASED OCTOBER 2018 – https://vimeo.com/297341803)

A park in the summer. As a mother watches her children play, a growing sense of disquiet adds a sinister edge to the outing. Driven to investigate, she’s brought to a chilling revelation in the sunshine. An unsettling drama about letting go. [4 mins; 4 characters; exterior location]

3rd WINDOW FROM THE LEFT(complete, available)

A young couple are excited to find their upmarket hotel suite contains more perks than they expected… then Room Service delivers a high quality, high-powered bonus. An engaging drama-mystery. [4 mins; 2 characters; interior location]

RY1N(drafted; in edit – also has development potential for an investigative series)

We could all use a little help around the house – but how much do we really know about the things created for our convenience? A surprising and unsettling family scenario with a sci-fi twist. [5 mins; 5 characters; interior location]

GROUP THERAPY(drafted; in edit)

An ill-advised group therapy session for patients with idiosyncratic anxieties unravels when it’s discovered one person’s tic is another’s trigger. A physical sit-com of kinks, quirks and chain reactions. [5 mins; 6 characters; interior location]

FRESH START – (completeavailable)

Life couldn’t be better.  The kids are scrubbed and beaming, the eggs are sunny-side up and the wife looks a million dollars plus.  It’s going to be a stellar morning… if you stay the right side of the front door that is. [2 mins; 2 to 4 characters; interior and exterior locations]

GRANDMASTERS – (completeavailable)

Two great chess strategists meet in the park to decide once and for all if anyone really knows which piece does what.  [2 mins; 3 characters; exterior location]


LARRY’S BOOTH – (in progress)

Newspapers.  Cigarettes.  Mars Bars.  Obscure top-shelf magazines… and a fair bit of weed sold on the side.  The low-key existence of kiosk-traders on a busy city street is complicated by the arrival (among others) of a cornershop Napoleon, a mad florist, a psychotic dog-walker and a Shakespearean shed-seller. A sharp comedy misadventure with pub dreams, stuffed owls, nearly-ex-girlfriends and an ever-changing ‘weed of the week’.

[Note:  Pilot episode finished; 6-episode series structure]