FILM NEWS: ‘Snug As A Bug’ To Screen At The BFI!

Ahead of its forthcoming film festival marathon, our darkly comic and pungently aromatic short Snug As A Bug – starring Owen Roberts and Stuart Black – will be screened for the first time on September 15th at the British Film Institute in London to an audience of special guests.

Spatulas, small spoons and oodles of air freshener complement a tale of criminal ineptitude and digestive mishap. You’ll howl. You’ll cringe. You’ll want to sit near a window.

That rug under the coffee table in the living room’ll never look so innocently ‘ruggy’ again, that’s for sure…

A lot of very talented people came together to turn our tea-stained scribblings into this little gem of celluloid superness. As it marches on with confidence and a heavily-scented nosegay, we’ll tell you more about how they made it happen… without retching.

The journey starts here…

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