‘Snug As A Bug’ – Official Film Trailer

Having gone down a storm during its initial screenings at the BFI, it’s time now for Snug As A Bug to stuff its sandwiches into a knotted polka-dot handkerchief, tie said handkerchief to a sturdy stick or bamboo cane, adopt a stray cat as an inseparable travelling companion and strike out for the gilded pavements of Festivaldom.

Not that Festivaldom is a place or indeed a ‘-dom’ of any description, but you can see why we’re excited. Huge writerly thanks and Italianesque motherly hugs to director Louise Galizia, producer Rosie Wells, DOP Caroline Bridges and all the supporting makers, editors and donors who put in a shift to help produce something we can genuinely be proud of – even Rich and I with our ‘strong and stable’ standing around and supportive head nodding on the peripheries of filmmaking conversations we didn’t entirely understand.

Writing continues as always and we’re beginning to develop a number of new projects. We’re also waiting on some production news from Scotland which we’ll endeavour to share once it reaches Hadrian’s Wall and sees off the Roman guard…

TTFN – Andy




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